Friday, August 01, 2008

The Rocket Has Landed

This is the 978th and final post on Rocket Fever.

After more than three years, this blog has fulfilled its purpose. I started Rocket Fever to tell the story of my journey into the uncertain world of my life after Cleveland. RF followed me through my rehab assignment in Lansing, and on to my regeneration in Los Angeles. Then it became a chronicle of the wonders of living in such an amazing city.

And now that I know the difference between the 405 and the 105, why the Clippers aren’t worth anyone’s time, where the city’s best lunch can be had ... it’s time to retire this Web space. Residency and familiarity have taken away the wide-eyed tone that gave Rocket Fever its voice.

That isn’t to say that my L.A. story is over. For the first time in my adult life, I’ve reached three years in a city and have no immediate plans to leave. I’ve been a mover all my life, stretching back to the days when my sister and I would go back and forth between our parents’ houses every week. I’m honestly confused over how to proceed at this point: Will I try and build upon a life in one place, or will old habits rise up and push me to some other point on the map?

I have no clue, but I do know that answering that question will be my next great adventure. One, though, that won’t be chronicled online. This will be a more private endeavor.

I’d like to thank everyone everywhere — Los Angeles, the Midwest, down South, the East Coast, abroad — for reading and commenting. We’ve had some lively conversations on Rocket Fever (mustard vs. ketchup, the relative merits of the drunk dial, olive burgers), all because of you. And a special thanks to Hud, my co-contributor on the site all these years.

Which leads me to ask: When will Maggie start her blog?


And always remember you can catch me at Hudson & Gaines, The City Desk, The Dopp Kit, and my Flickr page.


naz said...

we will miss you, Rocketman! (no witty comment to share)

Deuce said...

I don't know how to feel . . .

As one who has, humbly, helped point you around LA, I feel like our task is far from finished (the Clippers ARE worth your time, sometimes!). But that's beside the point. I like reading Gaines, and not just your top five post-shave toners.

Stevo said...

I think this is just Gaines pulling a Favre. He'll be back...

Becky said...

Gaines, you make L.A. want to be a better city. Love you to bits!

Pat said...


It's been a hell of a ride, and I'll miss peering into your day to day. Yes I just used "day to day" as a noun.

Without the blog, I guess I'll have to call more often, and that's not a bad thing.

And I second the kudos to Hud, who picked up the slack when you couldn't get to the computer and added a nice second voice to The Feve -- oh yeah, I call Rocketfever "The Feve." Or I used to when it was still around.


Anonymous said...

Nice run, Gaines. I will miss being able to catch up with you in this way.

Very glad it was a safe landing.


Mandy said...

i'm going to miss your perspective, gainesy. thanks for making the internet a fresher, more grammatically correct place to hang out. see you on the grooming blog...


Libertastic said...

It's a shame. As an even more recent newcomer to Los Angeles I learned a lot about my adopted city from Rocketfever. Of course now that I'm in Long Beach, LA proper can suck it. Still, the blog will be missed.


The Hall said...

Aw, sucks, that's the worst. The blogsphere will miss you.

Lawrence Everett Forbes said...

Aw, Craig!

Rocket Fever: the end of an era! Strange things, those are. Congratulations on moving on. I’ll miss keeping up with the hips, hops and haps in your life. Guess I'll have to go manual now. (Yeesh!) Best of luck out there in the nonblogosphere.

As a wise man I know used to say, "Huzzah!"

Anonymous said...

What the hell! I just started reading it! Next you'll be telling me Friendster is dead.


rena said...

Craig, this is your Rabbi speaking.

First of all, I think this post-earthquake ending is very poetic.

Second of all, please start another Gaines-Says blog or something of that sort, so I have jokes to tell at cocktail parties.

And third of all, I feel very very blessed that a humble Semite like me has had the great fortune to think of you as part of my congregation (even tho you're only half a Jew).

Thanks for your rockets and fever.


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Nice run, Gaines. I will miss being able to catch up with you in this way.

Very glad it was a safe landing.