Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Introducing The Dopp Kit

For years, my good friend Brent and I have had a running conversation about male grooming in general and shaving in particular. We talk shop about products, technique, mystique. After so many evenings of such back and forth, we recently hit upon the idea to start a blog on the subject.

The Dopp Kitt, in its first couple weeks of existence, has already hit upon various creams and aftershaves, the unfortunate tinkering P&G has done to the beloved Old Spice brand, and, um, baby wipes. But the blog is going to be much more than just a litany of product reviews. As I write in the introduction:

The few square inches comprising a man’s cheeks and neck are his domain in total. They are his ever-changing canvas, a lifelong work that may be perfected but will never be finished. ...

Every man shaves. The organization man shaves every day. The independent shaves as he pleases. Even the most pious Muslim must have shaved once. Splash warm water, apply lather, scrape with a blade. This is the ritual that each of us share.

Brent and I invite you -- all of ya, women included -- to submit your own posts on the vagaries of grooming. Especially about the best way to get at the area directly underneath the chin, my personal Bermuda Triangle of shaving.

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Libertastic said...

So, this is an elaborate and one would assume profitable front for selling shaving gear, right?