Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Quake!

A 5.4 earthquake hit Southern California today. It lasted for no longer than five seconds.

As luck would have it, I was using the facilities when it started. First I thought one of the exhaust fans on top of the building was going too fast. Then, when the walls started to shake, I realized it was a quake. I quickly went to the doorway (luckily remembering to zip up), as did my cross-hall neighbor, Will. We exchanged "Whoa!"s, and then it was over in a flash.

No damage visible here in Los Feliz. As you can see, a few things fell off shelves, but that was the extent of the disruption here.

Mike reports things are fine up in Glendale, except that Maggie was disappointed her nap was interrupted.

UPDATE: Suddenly aware of my own mortality, I'm getting tacos from Yuca. You just never know when that carne asada may be your last.

UPDATE: Through the strife, Yuca still makes an amazing chili cheeseburger.


heather said...

good to hear you guys are all OK. we were worried. tell maggie to sleep in during her nap tomorrow.

Micah said...

Why haven't you dragged my ass to Yuca yet?

Stevo said...

Carne asada chili cheeseburger!

mother of the bride dresses long said...

Earthquake shocks evrybody!