Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's Get to the Happies

Happy birthdays to Michael C. Hudson (today), and Nazanin X. Arandi (tomorrow)!

And Happy Mother's Days to: my dear, sweet Ma; family matriarch Joan "Nana" Mellinger; Grandma Ida Gaines; new mama Rebecca A. Hudson; the highly esteemed Mrs. Ruth Eklund; Grandma Diane Baird; my sister-in-law (and soon to be mother-a-third-time) Meghan Kirby; other sister-in-law and bird lover Sarah Kirby; O.G. S'news mom Katie Rexrode; Cleveland's own Christine "Flash" Moran; the pride of Greenville, Erin Davis; Valley queen Mary Glarum; Guy's favorite au pair, Andrea; the pride of Izmir, Turkey, and expectant mother Yasamin; and Bay Village's own Kelly Zawacki!


Pat said...

Long live the Hud!

Hud said...

the biggest mutha of them all!