Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today I mark another notch in the stick that measures the transformation in my life since leaving Cleveland. I’ve made quite a few since 2005: departing from Ohio, moving to Los Angeles, helping create Hudson & Gaines, working at the L.A. Weekly, quitting the Weekly for my freelance business. I consider each of these events seminal moments in that Buddha path that my uncle wisely described for me a few years ago. Collect them all, and they help describe the point I’m at: the happiest, most creative time in my life. Never have I been so excited to learn what happens next.

And so it is that in a few hours I’ll begin a flight that will end in Turkey. Along with great chapters of mystery, awaiting me in Istanbul will be my very own breathtaking girl. The thought of seeing her for the first time in months conjures only images, no words.

Yesterday Hud and I drank the city’s best coffee under blue skies. A musician casually plucked a Django Reinhardt tune. My sister called to wish me a happy trip. Kids and dogs and cars went by. The surrounding particles arranged to give me a clear view of the trail already walked, and a bright light on what awaits.


naz said...

Bon voyage, brother Gaines! Give your girl a little squeeze for me.

Pat said...

I haven't seen Craig Gaines in two years.

But I always found some nebulous kind of comfort in the knowledge that he was there, just a few hundred miles down the West Coast from me if I needed him.

It's hard to drunk dial someone back in Michigan; time difference and all. But that wasn't the only thing. It just feels good to know that there is a guy like that on your side of the country.

So godspeed, good Craiggers. But y'all come back now, hear.

Mike "Mike" Hudson said...

you forgot that the tigers won, too.

Micah said...

Safe travels and wish Karis the best from the Muzios.

Mind your P's and Q's over there. We don't want an international incident on our hands.

Kate said...

I miss you already. Have a fantastic time.

Make good choices.

Mr. Decent said...

Craig you globe-hopping madman- enjoy yourself, you turkey.

Anonymous said...

Shit, that post even made me a *little* happy.