Thursday, April 03, 2008

RF Roll Call

Dad wasn't the only notable guest in town lately. The First Family of Greenville, Mich., the Steve Davises were present, along with the Sultans of Saginaw, Bill and Diane Baird.

Steve and Erin were in town to serve as Maggie June's godparents at the baptism and, I guess, henceforth. No word on if this makes Annie and Will Davis godsiblings. What I do know is that Will is tough enough to bounce back from a spill on stone pavers one day and a high-speed inflated ball to the head the next, and that Annie kinda sorta likes animals. But just a little bit.

And there honestly are no two better folks on this planet than the Bairds. Bill is always good for talking sports and other manly topics, and Diane wears the name “Grandma” as gracefully as she wore that smashing blouse the day of the baptism. And they both are crazy about their granddaughter.

This post can’t end without special mention of Sparrow Hospital’s Employee of the Year, Oscar Dan Mazariegos, another Greenvillian in for the weekend. Dan hit the road for a drive up the West Coast right after the baptism, but it was still good to see him for a couple days.

Steve, sporting the ’stache, and Erin, loving every bit of it

Grandma Baird, finishing one of the best cakes I’ve had in ages

Bill, showing off his new appreciation for Jamaican beer


Erin D. said...

Gaimes, you are too kind!

heather said...

looks like a good time was had by all. happy baptism to Maggie.