Saturday, April 26, 2008

Istanbul Post Card 5

One vs. Many
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Cloudy happy days in Istanbul. Yesterday Karis and I, admittedly exhausted from taking in so much of this city during the past week, stayed in and watched "Children of Men" and Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief," which I was mildly disappointed by. Not nearly enough suspense.

Today was maybe our best culinary day, punctuated by yogurt, potatoes, and waffles (see the Flickr page for more details). Istanbul is the only city I know where certain neighborhoods are closely identified with certain culinary delights. Kumpir in Ortakoy, yogurt in Kanlica, borek in Sariyer, ice cream in Moda, boza in Vefa. Can you imagine L.A. having only one neighborhood known for its tacos?


OK, so don't freak out, but our cruise was canceled. We were deeply bummed out by this a few days ago, but now look at it as a blessing in disguise: We've received a full refund AND a free cruise anytime between now and 2009. Score.

So instead of taking the cruise, tomorrow Karis and I will fly to the resort town of Bodrum (what was to be our port of call) and then make our way back up to Istanbul over land. Our rough itinerary includes stops at classical sites, coastal towns, and cultural areas. We won't have regular Internet access during this time, but something tells me you guys will have no problem repeatedly watching the video of Maggie June crawling. I certainly don't.

OK. I want everyone on their best behavior while we're gone, got that? And if the Tigers could continue straightening out their season, that'd be great. Am I reading right that the bullpen is doing better than the starters? I can't tell what's crazier: baseball or international travel.

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