Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Istanbul Post Card 4

Best Food in Istanbul
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After a grand time in Sultanahmet, the historic district that counts as Old Istanbul, Karis and I returned to her apartment, where we broke bread for two consecutive nights with her neighbors Gem and Yasmin. On the second night, the Upstairs Turks put on an amazing spread consisting of about a dozen dishes, few of which I know the name for: a sweet bean dish in a light tomato broth eaten with yogurt, a mountain of bulgur with parsley and other herbs drizzled with pomegranate sauce, salads, olives and white cheeses (there are always, always olives and white cheeses), the most excellent almonds I've ever munched, and more than enough raki.

Raki is the Turkish national drink. The anise-flavored liquor, which has an angrily high alcohol content, is served in narrow cylindrical glasses — three parts water to one part raki. Raki is clear in the bottle, but turns milky opaque with the water. It's meant to be drunk slowly, so it's Turkish custom to always have food on the plate during a raki session. This was an impossible custom to follow, as every time my plate was replenished, I cleaned it in short order.

Dig the Flickr page for an explanation of this nice man with the mussels and for shots of me and raki, the fishermen of Istanbul, and more images from this consistently amazing trip.

Tonight: a ballet preceded by ayron and lahmacun.


Mike "Mike" Hudson said...

maggie wants to type something to you both:

b t7gbhgbbghgbn

Loosely translated, I think it's still just gibberish.

Craig said...

Right back atcha, Margaret!

Elizabeth said...

Well, I'm glad I read your blog and learned you're having a PERFECT time. You looked so sad in your facebook picture. I'm also glad to learn you're having the most creative time in your life. It's good to be able to see the happiness when you're having it.