Sunday, April 20, 2008

Istanbul Post Card 3

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We've traveled a few miles and thousands of years in the past few days. Karis and I have been in the historic district of Sultanahmet for the past couple days. We've toured the Hagia Sofia, part of the Blue Mosque, a mosaic museum, the Archeology Museum, and the Basilica Cistern. And the food we've eaten! Kebap, various forms of fish, street food, stuffed mussels (my new favorite), mezze (small plates), raki (the black licorice flavored national drink), Turkish coffee, tea, killer baklava. Holy Toledo. Today we're off to more of the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and an art museum. Tonight some neighbors are hosting us for fish and raki.


hud said...

more food details, plz. oh, and be sure to get me a shirt at the ESPN zone.

alethia said...

Beware of the raki. It will grow more hair on your chest.