Monday, March 03, 2008

Congratulations to Everyone!

Very cool things have been happening to some very cool friends lately:

  • Jon Brunt and Adrian Rogers are getting married! Is The State News a wedding factory or what?
  • Micah Muzio is now an FAA-approved helicopter pilot! I hope to be bringing you a detailed post on a chopper ride with the Air Wolf himself in the not-too-distant future.
  • Amy Bevevino and Shane O'Dell are having a baby! Here's to hoping the child will be adorable, but maybe not so adorable that Amy will want to bite it.
Huzzahs to my great friends!


Look to this digital space soon for a full report on Los Feliz Pub Crawl Winter 2008, which was a smashing, and smashed, success.


mike and becky hudson said...

Name one couple worth a crap that got together at the State News.

Pat said...

Congratulations to Jon and Adrian.

They are among the kindest, brightest folks from the turn-of-the-century State News crew. And they are wonderful together.

Also: in answer to Mike and Becky's query:

Fred and Sierra.

Craig said...

There was one forbidden coupling I could only have wished for back then: the Front Room and the Back Room.

adrian said...

change of plans. i'm marrying pat muir. but don't tell his woman, because i think she could whup me.

Kate said...

Welcome to The-State-News-OMG-I-married-one-Club.

Maybe someday you'll be welcomed into the OMG-we-multiplied-club.

And Adrian, Pat is not a bad choice... Joe once left me at a party because I went upstairs with him... Remember, Pat?! So if you want to mix it up, it may be a way to go.

Pat said...

Let's not get any rumors started with loaded phrases such as "went upstairs with him" or "marrying pat muir."

Adrian is right to be wary; my woman is frighteningly violent.

And, yes, Kate, I do remember that hilarious evening (actually I think it was like 5 a.m. by that point) when Joe stormed off without you. Good times.

kate said...


You and Cook didn't believe me when I said he would.

I wasn't implying anything. Besides, what happens upstairs, stays upstairs.

SurgeFilter said...

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