Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Duper

Glendale was the place to be for the Super Bowl on Sunday ... the other Glendale, that is!

OK, now that that's out of the way: Becky Hudson did a fantastic job putting together a party befitting one of the greatest sporting events ever. Food, drinks, TV, couches, dips, chafing dishes, wearable ring toss games, football-themed table cloths/napkins/plates, babies, cheering, laughter, drama ... I'd have to call the party perfect. Which we can't say about the Patriots, huh? Huh? Right?

The all-star cast included the Glarums, the Deuce, Alethia (about whom more in a bit), the Muzios, Ward, Frankie O ...

Michael "C." Hudson was sorely missed, but we're glad he got to link up with his Pop and brother in Chicago.

To the pictures!

These were my main contribution to the gig, and Becky even prepped them for me.

Excellent shot by Evan Glarum

I always have this dopey look on my face when I'm around cute girls.

For some reason, the whole gang took advantage of throwing things at Evan. Can't imagine why.

Doesn't this couple look so natural with a baby?

Maybe not.


Remember I had some news about Alethia? Here 'tis:


The lucky SOB is the thoroughly Rocket Fever-approved Austin Knoblauch, who is doing his honorable best to clean up after his older cousin Chuck*. Everyone at RF is gee-whiz thrilled for this alliterative pair. Let's all celebrate at Porto's! Potato balls for everyone! Huzzah!

*This is a lame baseball joke, and pure fiction.


alethia said...

Thanks for posting an announcement, Craig! Kudos to Becky for putting together a fabulous shindig. It was great to see all of you.

Becky said...

CONGRATS, Alethia and Austin!