Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rocket Fever Is 3, Which Means Hayley Is 26

As Becky so graciously pointed out in her comment on yesterday's post, February 9 is a big day at Rocket Fever. Three years ago today I launched this blog as I was packing up my old Cleveland apartment and getting ready for ... I had no clue. As I sit here on a gorgeous late afternoon in Los Angeles, I can say with assurance that the Rocket Fever era has been the most exciting of my life. As always, I'd like to thank my readers in SoCal, Michigan, Northeast Ohio, the Pacific Northwest, New York, ancient Nippon, the Deep South, and, these days, Istanbul. This thing would just be an echo chamber without ya.

And if it's Rocket Fever's birthday, it's also Sister's birthday. Word from the Mitten is that the family went for some culture and vegetarian food in Ann Arbor. Here's hoping the birthday girl and everyone else enjoyed themselves. Huzzah for Hay-Hay!

First birthday
Second birthday


heather said...

congrats from the end of the earth, I mean bristol.

good job gainsey and huddy.

how would I keep track of you without the blog?

Becky Amos said...

Happy Birthday, rockefever!

Micah said...

Like the microwave, Tivo and vibrating razors I seemed to manage fine before Rocket Fever but now I can't imagine life without it.

naz said...

awww! Happy birthday to Rocket Fever, Craigers! So glad you are here with us.