Monday, February 25, 2008

Mother's Days

Ma was in town for a few days last week after a visit with her sisters in Phoenix. The cold, dark, rainy weather didn't at all reflect the cheery warmth Mrs. Kirby engendered with her visit. I'd have to say the best part was her first night in town, when we cooked up steaks we bought (OK, she bought) at the Farmer's Market along with garlic mashed potatoes and a killer salad. That meal combined with great mother-son conversation and otherworldly gelato from down the street (Hollywood Gelato: back on the list?) made for a night I'll remember for a long time.

Other highlights included Ma spotting Oscar nominee Casey Affleck at Tropicalia, visiting with the Huds, strolling around Old Town Pasadena, dinner at Farfalla, taking in the new wing of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, shopping at the Beverly Center, and dinner with the Muzios and Warandi at Gardens of Taxco. What a famous time!

I hope you and Joe can make it out here again before too long, Ma. We'll have better weather for you next time. Promise!

Some photos.

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