Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How Can This Be?

How is it that Becky Amos and Mary Sell came to town and I have no photographic evidence? This is an unacceptable oversight, one that demands swift action by Rocket Fever. I call on the Rocket Fever Board of Governors to immediately convene an investigation into this lapse, ferret out the guilty parties, and create an action plan to ensure this never happens again.

But, honest, they were here. And it was a great time. The Huds were heroic enough to provide the girls with room and board, which is good, because it would've been weird to have them sleep on my hardwood floor. Highlights of the visit included:

  • Everyone realizing at the last minute that Becky was coming in from New York to Burbank, and Mary was coming in from Mississippi to LAX. I'm still confused how everyone ended up safely in Glendale, but there you go.
  • Staying up till 4 a.m. at the Hudson house, telling tales, debating the relative attractiveness of long-gone Real World characters, and laughing our keesters off.
  • Walking around Silver Lake with Amos and Ward, discovering the Army surplus store, and driving to within spitting distance of the Hollywood sign. Good job on that, Ward!
  • Watching the Oscars at the Glarum household. I would have taken the entire pot if I hadn't stupidly picked Lars and the Real Girl for best original screenplay. Instead, I ended up in a five-way tie for first.
  • Macking on some rad risotto at Farfalla, and then clapping madly along with Maggie June at the House of Warandi.
From what I hear, the girls are back safe and sound in their respective homes -- far, far away from the burning skies of rainy Los Angeles. Great times, old friends! Huzzah!


Becky said...

Whatever, dude. Pam is hot.

It was so great to see Becky and Mary! L.A. will never be the same! In a good way ... :)

Craig said...

Not. Hot.

Stevo said...

Judd's wife?

Hud said...

I'd really lay into this one if Pam had ever claimed to be "hot". But I don't think she's ever said anything like that.

So I won't make any insulting comments here. I'm sure she's a nice person. Judd is a douche, ala Carrot Top.