Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pat Muir Takes Issue with My Soy Hot Dog

Excerpt from an e-mail:

I'll give you a pass on the ketchup, because I don't think it's the ketchup that's the problem. Seriously, Gaines? A soy corn dog? Dude, I understand soy. I like soy. And I even sometimes like weirdo West Coast cuisine. But a soy corn dog? A soy corn dog? That's like saying I'm eating a tall short, or a hot cold. I'm eating vegetarian meat. I'm Craig Gaines, and I'm an a**h*le.

On the plus side, you've got to be the first person to ever drive a PT Cruiser and eat a soy corn dog. So congrats.



Speaking of Pat, check out his reportage on the day-night lives of Yakima, Washington's "rock stars."


Pat said...

Corn dog, Gaines. Not hot dog. It was a soy corn dog.

Hey, everybody! Craig Gaines eats soy corn dogs with ketchup!

To be honest, I'm having a little trouble getting myself all that worked up over it. I'm wearing an understated sweater and drinking a Pellegrino while I finish my lunch break behind a desk at work. I need to go listen to the Stooges or something, work up a little righteous indignation -- or at least some old-fashioned nihilism.

See you later.

Craig said...

But wouldn't you be just as disdainful if it were just a soy hot dog?

Excuse me while I go down some tap water and broken glass.

Deuce said...

Finally, a Rocket Fever post that makes sense to me.

Pat said...

I'm just as disdainful at your use of "just" twice in that sentence. Who copy edits the copy editors?

Craig said...

I thought about that, but then figured if I changed a "just" to a "merely," I'd be changing words to change words. Both uses of "just" are ... justifiable!