Monday, December 03, 2007

Hudson & Gaines Ep. 21 Is NOW!

Christmas in early December? Must be! Now that we're 21 episodes old, who's going to buy us our first (legal) drink? C'mon! We can hold our drink!

Anyhoo, in the show's triumphant comeback from natural disaster, Gaines resorts to desperate measures (namely, hijacking the show) to bring attention to what he sees as a gross oversight: The Bush Pilots' failure to give full sensory awareness to its hearing- and vision-impaired fan base. He has some 21st-century solutions, but Hudson and Lynn Jepson, those twin forces of moderation, aren't having any of it.

Join the fight at the Firefox-unfriendly, or check out your handy subscription on iTunes. And, gosh, tell a friend!

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