Monday, December 17, 2007

Huddy Reports: San Fran in December

SAN FRANCISCO -- Hey gang. I'm up here for a couple days and thought I'd pass along a few pics for all to enjoy. This is a fine town with mild winter temps, East Coast architecture with large public spaces against impressive hills and bridges. It's a cozy little city compared with the giants like Chicago, LA or NY (or Columbus, Ohio for all you Census lovers), but it has got to be up there on the list of remarkable cities.

What a fun time to be here...lotsa lights, Christmas shopping crowds, street musicians and carolers (CAROLERS!) all around. Plus, I found a tacqueria and ate the shizz out of some carne asada, carne al pastor and pollo en salsa rojo. Buzztastic.

All that said, I'd still rather be with my little girl right now...but this ain't a bad runner up. Send Gaines some pics of the holidays from your neck of the woods and we'll all e-sit around the hearth wishing we had gotten that Xbox.

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Craig said...

City of lights!