Thursday, December 06, 2007


My good friend Natalie Milbrodt, also a close chum of one Becky Amos, has created a documentary about feet. From watching the trailer, I gather that foot culture is much richer than I ever thought. I mean, everyone's heard of a shoe fetish, but Natalie has people discussing their feet preferences in more detail that I can talk about the 1990 Detroit Pistons (Brendan Suhr and Brendan Malone, assistant coaches).

I met Natalie during my film-studies program in London while at Michigan State. Natalie, obviously, embarked on the program because she was serious about becoming a filmmaker. I, on the other hand, just wanted to watch movies and drink absinthe. (This is the trip, by the way, during which I also forged my lifelong friendship with the legendary Kate Cosgrove. There are many other luminous alumni from that summer. I wonder where some of those folks are.)

So run or walk or tiptoe or skate or dance or skip your way to Feet the Movie if it shows up at a film fest near you!

(Full disclosure: I am typing this post while wearing my Puma El Rey Us vs. Them shoes.)


Natalie said...

Thanks for the plug, Craig! Since the film is not yet finished, Rocket Fever is actually the first press we've gotten. You guys are out way ahead of the curve... which is why I will now be turning to you for everything I need to know about popular culture. Everything.

The City Desk said...


RJ White from the show, here. Glad to see you're a filmmaker.

adrian said...

hey, i think i used to know her. i think we were in a film class together and she had long blond hair and her brother was in "a christmas story" and she went to the same high school as my friend sarah, in farmington hills or some such place. good job making a movie, there, natalie! even if it's not the natalie i'm thinking of!

Craig said...

Hey, Adrian, remember that time you came to work barefoot because you forgot to put on shoes?

adrian said...

they weren't all good times.

Anonymous said...

Natalie was describing her foot fetish research to us in the Smoky Mountains the week of Spotty's wedding. I knew then that this would be a must-see film.

Early buzz from "Feet by the Yard," the foot film trade magazine: "Milbrodt redefines the fetish documentary genre! She may be up for a Footie for best director!"