Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Rocket Fever Classic

Mike suggested I pull up my post from 2006 detailing Jocko and LeMutt's first night in L.A. As you can see above, Jocko has settled down quite comfortably out here.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

L.A. Christmas in Photos

It's Maggie's first. And a world class experience for all...making an appearance: the KTLA Yule Log, Becky, Buckley, Gaines, the Eklund family. (Not pictured: Lasagna)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve, Silverlake Style

Vietnamese Noodles and a hot shot of coffee, some sake for Ben, vegetarian-style for his mother and a bottle for Maggie.

Christmas Eve, Hudson Style

It's not Hans' or even Johann's, but Yum Yum's on West Glenoaks Blvd. did an admirable job for the West Coast clan this year.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Huddy Reports: San Fran in December

SAN FRANCISCO -- Hey gang. I'm up here for a couple days and thought I'd pass along a few pics for all to enjoy. This is a fine town with mild winter temps, East Coast architecture with large public spaces against impressive hills and bridges. It's a cozy little city compared with the giants like Chicago, LA or NY (or Columbus, Ohio for all you Census lovers), but it has got to be up there on the list of remarkable cities.

What a fun time to be here...lotsa lights, Christmas shopping crowds, street musicians and carolers (CAROLERS!) all around. Plus, I found a tacqueria and ate the shizz out of some carne asada, carne al pastor and pollo en salsa rojo. Buzztastic.

All that said, I'd still rather be with my little girl right now...but this ain't a bad runner up. Send Gaines some pics of the holidays from your neck of the woods and we'll all e-sit around the hearth wishing we had gotten that Xbox.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Going Singular

Today is my last day at the L.A. Weekly. Starting Monday, I will be a full-time freelance word person. It's a move I've been contemplating for years, and have been seriously planning for the past few months. I'm lucky to have built up as much freelance work as I can take while at the Weekly, and cannot resist the urge to see how much more work is out there. If the early returns are any indication, I should have no problem keeping busy: Some initial rounds of e-mails have already scared up extra opportunities.

Becoming the CEO of Craig Gaines Inc. will also allow me to devote time to the creative endeavors I've been ignoring lately. In the coming months I'll be spiffing up this ramshackle blog, devising some Hudson & Gaines episodes, writing pieces for The City Desk, contributing to The Other Style Council, working on another podcast project, and generally riding that unyielding L.A. wave.

I also plan on banging around the globe a bit, with early plans for visits to the Pacific Northwest, New York City, and Istanbul Holy-Mother-of-God Turkey.

In a way, I've been leading up to this move ever since I started Rocket Fever and left Cleveland. That physical and mental break with one era began a years-long transition to this 21st-century, self-deterministic period of my life that will lead me to points unknown. That's what Rocket Fever has always been about: Choosing paths leading to the great wide open. Here I go!

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's True

Guess which really great blog comes up if you Google "california best state ever"?

Thursday, December 06, 2007


My good friend Natalie Milbrodt, also a close chum of one Becky Amos, has created a documentary about feet. From watching the trailer, I gather that foot culture is much richer than I ever thought. I mean, everyone's heard of a shoe fetish, but Natalie has people discussing their feet preferences in more detail that I can talk about the 1990 Detroit Pistons (Brendan Suhr and Brendan Malone, assistant coaches).

I met Natalie during my film-studies program in London while at Michigan State. Natalie, obviously, embarked on the program because she was serious about becoming a filmmaker. I, on the other hand, just wanted to watch movies and drink absinthe. (This is the trip, by the way, during which I also forged my lifelong friendship with the legendary Kate Cosgrove. There are many other luminous alumni from that summer. I wonder where some of those folks are.)

So run or walk or tiptoe or skate or dance or skip your way to Feet the Movie if it shows up at a film fest near you!

(Full disclosure: I am typing this post while wearing my Puma El Rey Us vs. Them shoes.)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007

RF Hearts MJ

Rocket Fever's Official Bundle of Joy,
enjoying her first visit to the Midwest.

Hudson & Gaines Ep. 21 Is NOW!

Christmas in early December? Must be! Now that we're 21 episodes old, who's going to buy us our first (legal) drink? C'mon! We can hold our drink!

Anyhoo, in the show's triumphant comeback from natural disaster, Gaines resorts to desperate measures (namely, hijacking the show) to bring attention to what he sees as a gross oversight: The Bush Pilots' failure to give full sensory awareness to its hearing- and vision-impaired fan base. He has some 21st-century solutions, but Hudson and Lynn Jepson, those twin forces of moderation, aren't having any of it.

Join the fight at the Firefox-unfriendly, or check out your handy subscription on iTunes. And, gosh, tell a friend!