Friday, November 16, 2007


It's well past time Rocket Fever recognizes Sivert Glarum and all his colleagues during the writers strike. Sivert, as most of you know, is Hudson's cousin. He and his family are some of the best and most hospitable folks I've met since coming to L.A., and I have great memories of spending Thanksgivings and Independence Days with them. (Not to mention that legendary party that featured the Nacho Fountain.)

Sivert is equally comfortable talking Angels or Dodgers over beers (he's a proud dual-team booster), telling stories about working on King of the Hill, or leading a pack of kids on some mischievous caper during the legendarily fun family get-togethers he and his sitcom buddies are known for.

Some of y'all might view this strike as well-to-do types trying to get higher pay from more-well-to-do types, but it's not that simple. While the writers are paid for their work when it's broadcast on television, they see hardly a dime when it's disseminated online. It's no secret that online entertainment sources are going to increase in popularity, and the writers are sensibly asking for their fair share of the action. The producers say they're not sure how much revenue they're going to earn from online media, but it's more than reasonable for the writers to assert themselves in this territory now -- and one would have to think the producers have enough of an idea regarding revenues to strike a deal with the writers. (And you'd better believe that Team H&G are keeping tabs on how this turns out. We wouldn't mind earning mountains of cash via online media someday.)

So while I know it sucks that your favorite shows are going on repeat, remember that there's a strong principle behind this whole mess. And if you can't root for the writers based on principle, then adopt Sivert as your mascot. He's a dude worth cheering for.


This is the first time that Rocket Fever has favorably highlighted two U of M men in the same week. I can promise you it won't happen again.


Pat said...

"King of the Hill" has always been a hell of a show, and it sure as shit don't write itself.

Stay strong, Mr. Glarum.

The Hall said...

Wow, thanks for the explanation. I figured it was a worthwhile cause.
Writers of the world unite!