Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pat Muir is quickly becoming a source of fascination to the photographers of Yakima, Washington. This gem was shot by ace Kris Holland on Halloween. I can tell it was taken on Halloween because Pat is holding a pitchfork. He wears those devil horns year round.* I missed calls from Pat and Jon Brunt last weekend after that awful football game, the One Whose Name We Shall Not Speak (just add it to the pile -- ugh). Those two seemed in better shape after the game than Mike and I were, although our spirits were tempered by the presence of Maggie June, the Muzios, and Karis.

*Pat, there's an angry religious figure from U of M for you on line one.


The Other Style Council is creaking back into existence. My co-worker Derek has added some nice little posts lately. Long live the grammarians!


I must recommend the Homegirl Cafe in downtown Los Angeles. It recently moved to its gleaming new space from its original cozy spot in East L.A., which Karis and I discovered yesterday afternoon. Once we finally found the joint, which Karis has been telling me about for months, I had a fine plate of tacos and a charming glass of freshly made pineapple juice. And let me tell you about the lemonade with spinach and mint that Karis ordered. You'll discover taste buds you never knew you had.

The cool part about Homegirl Cafe, and its related Homeboy Industries, is its mission: It employs troubled youth from the community as a means of putting them in a positive environment and setting them up for successful futures. And the kids are down for the program -- the folks we dealt with there, from the server to the guy who wrapped up the coffee mug I bought, offered some of the friendliest and most efficient service I've seen in L.A.

So make time for lunch at the Homegirl, and leave a big tip.


After lunch at the Homegirl, we caught Welcome to Nollywood at the AFI Film Fest. It's a light-hearted but informative look at the Nigerian film industry, which in just over a decade has become the world's third largest, after Hollywood and Bollywood. It churns out hundreds of movies a year, and the quality is about what you'd expect from such a nascent scene. But you have to love the entrepreneurial spirit these bootstrap auteurs exhibit. Not to mention the flick has a rad soundtrack. Thanks to Ryan and Naz for the festival passes!


I recently bought a BlackBerry, and I love it more than the air I breathe.


I'd like to thank whoever signed me up for a subscription to Marc Ecko's Complex magazine. I can't wait to check out the Model Special 2007, not to mention the cover story on T.I. Really, you shouldn't have.


Team H&G is off to Vegas this weekend, where we're going to bunker down and record some shows. And you thought we were done with this foolishness, didn't you?


UPDATED: Check out the song "Worst President Ever" by the L.A. punk band Finland Station. I can't think of a better pairing of American presidential history and catchy guitar riffs.


Pat said...


Embarassingly, that photo was not taken on Halloween.

Great to see action on TOSC. Hooray for dweebishness. I'm on board.

Blackberry, eh? I'll let it go because you live in L.A. and I already gave you the business for wearing $200 jeans.

Can't wait to hear the H&G output from Vegas.

In closing: Hi Mike! Hi Craig!

Craig said...

I guess I could have gleaned when the shot was taken from your e-mail, Pat, where you write:

"It was taken during the 'Guilty Pleasures' party hosted by On Magazine, the YHR's weekly entertainment supplement. I was drunk already when Adriana slipped me a couple of Jell-O shots. I became drunker."

Beth said...

You have $200 jeans?!?!

heather said...

a blackberry and $200 jeans? you probably pay $100 to get your hair cut.