Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So I ordered these four martini glasses from Crate and Barrel online.

And it came in this much packaging, after having been shipped here from Illinois. Prolly shoulda just picked them up from the C&B in Hollywood, huh?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Now That's a Weekend

  • Drove 145 miles without leaving L.A. County.
  • Made shrimp dip and fancy green-bean casserole to rave reviews.
  • Devoured two plates of Thanksgiving goodness at the Eklund household, including some heavenly stuffing and about six pieces of various pies.
  • Observed a family sing-along, during which it was confirmed that I don't know the words to any songs, especially ones written by John Denver.
  • Failed, badly, at picking up the rules of the insidiously fun card game of Mao.
  • Wasted a few good hours watching the Lions.
  • Enjoyed American Gangster more than I thought I would.
  • Caroused with new and old friends at the Drawing Room (which has officially replaced Ye Rustic as my favorite Los Feliz bar).
  • Helped some dear friends move out of Los Feliz.
  • Gasped at the news that Pop and Sister ate turkey!
  • Worked off the Thanksgiving calories during a hike in Griffith Park with Mike.
  • Laughed my head off during Big Trouble in Little China.
  • Felt profoundly thankful for my family, my friends, my girl, my city, my life.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Thanksgiving Week

Which means that none of you are actually doing any work. Why not spend some quality time with The City Desk? C'mon, Great Havenites, diversify your fictional-metropolis portfolio by taking a trip to the City.

Friday, November 16, 2007


It's well past time Rocket Fever recognizes Sivert Glarum and all his colleagues during the writers strike. Sivert, as most of you know, is Hudson's cousin. He and his family are some of the best and most hospitable folks I've met since coming to L.A., and I have great memories of spending Thanksgivings and Independence Days with them. (Not to mention that legendary party that featured the Nacho Fountain.)

Sivert is equally comfortable talking Angels or Dodgers over beers (he's a proud dual-team booster), telling stories about working on King of the Hill, or leading a pack of kids on some mischievous caper during the legendarily fun family get-togethers he and his sitcom buddies are known for.

Some of y'all might view this strike as well-to-do types trying to get higher pay from more-well-to-do types, but it's not that simple. While the writers are paid for their work when it's broadcast on television, they see hardly a dime when it's disseminated online. It's no secret that online entertainment sources are going to increase in popularity, and the writers are sensibly asking for their fair share of the action. The producers say they're not sure how much revenue they're going to earn from online media, but it's more than reasonable for the writers to assert themselves in this territory now -- and one would have to think the producers have enough of an idea regarding revenues to strike a deal with the writers. (And you'd better believe that Team H&G are keeping tabs on how this turns out. We wouldn't mind earning mountains of cash via online media someday.)

So while I know it sucks that your favorite shows are going on repeat, remember that there's a strong principle behind this whole mess. And if you can't root for the writers based on principle, then adopt Sivert as your mascot. He's a dude worth cheering for.


This is the first time that Rocket Fever has favorably highlighted two U of M men in the same week. I can promise you it won't happen again.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Cook 30

A belated wishing of happy birthday to Our Man in Japan, Jamie Cook. To mark his three-decade mark, Jamie composed a list of 30 things he likes. It’s a good read. Have a look.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh, and Holy Crap, By the Way

Everyone at Rocket Fever offers their heartiest congratulations to Paul Drake and his girl Jamel on their engagement! Paul (Michigan ’02, but we’ll let it slide) is a walking adventure, hopping all over the globe and sticking his neck in places most Michiganders wouldn’t dare. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jamel a couple times, and it’s safe to say that Paulie has met his match in her.

Paul and Jamel, I now bestow upon you the highest and best exclamation in the Rocket Fever lexicon: HUZZAH!

Facebook Rising

The brain trust that runs Hudson & Gaines owns a secret divining rod that leads us to Internet trends. We recently dusted off the old rod, and it led us to the Facebook, which we quickly realized kicks MySpace's keester all over the school yard. Rocket Fever will go deeper into that debate in a future post, but for now, here's what's important: Hudson & Gaines are now on the Facebook. If you're hip to the trend, join our group and be part of the cool club. Who's going to be member No. 48?


Seriously, Guys, Leslie's Blog Is Awesome: Former S'newser and eternal ray of sunshine Leslie Rotan has resumed bringing you the international knowledge on her blog, Life on Earth. I invite you to check it out.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Far, Far Away from Great Haven

Mike, Micah and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas to record some episodes of Hudson & Gaines. Hud was there to cover the Big Smoke convention by Cigar Aficionado magazine for the Dodge blog. We recorded some great shows, and were very lucky to have stellar contributions from Lynn Jepson, Jeffery Starmichael and Kitty Hines (who, at a moment's notice, served up some classic material). Look to this space in the coming weeks for more news on our efforts!

And, as you can see above, we had ample opportunity to become closer as a team.

More photos here.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pat Muir is quickly becoming a source of fascination to the photographers of Yakima, Washington. This gem was shot by ace Kris Holland on Halloween. I can tell it was taken on Halloween because Pat is holding a pitchfork. He wears those devil horns year round.* I missed calls from Pat and Jon Brunt last weekend after that awful football game, the One Whose Name We Shall Not Speak (just add it to the pile -- ugh). Those two seemed in better shape after the game than Mike and I were, although our spirits were tempered by the presence of Maggie June, the Muzios, and Karis.

*Pat, there's an angry religious figure from U of M for you on line one.


The Other Style Council is creaking back into existence. My co-worker Derek has added some nice little posts lately. Long live the grammarians!


I must recommend the Homegirl Cafe in downtown Los Angeles. It recently moved to its gleaming new space from its original cozy spot in East L.A., which Karis and I discovered yesterday afternoon. Once we finally found the joint, which Karis has been telling me about for months, I had a fine plate of tacos and a charming glass of freshly made pineapple juice. And let me tell you about the lemonade with spinach and mint that Karis ordered. You'll discover taste buds you never knew you had.

The cool part about Homegirl Cafe, and its related Homeboy Industries, is its mission: It employs troubled youth from the community as a means of putting them in a positive environment and setting them up for successful futures. And the kids are down for the program -- the folks we dealt with there, from the server to the guy who wrapped up the coffee mug I bought, offered some of the friendliest and most efficient service I've seen in L.A.

So make time for lunch at the Homegirl, and leave a big tip.


After lunch at the Homegirl, we caught Welcome to Nollywood at the AFI Film Fest. It's a light-hearted but informative look at the Nigerian film industry, which in just over a decade has become the world's third largest, after Hollywood and Bollywood. It churns out hundreds of movies a year, and the quality is about what you'd expect from such a nascent scene. But you have to love the entrepreneurial spirit these bootstrap auteurs exhibit. Not to mention the flick has a rad soundtrack. Thanks to Ryan and Naz for the festival passes!


I recently bought a BlackBerry, and I love it more than the air I breathe.


I'd like to thank whoever signed me up for a subscription to Marc Ecko's Complex magazine. I can't wait to check out the Model Special 2007, not to mention the cover story on T.I. Really, you shouldn't have.


Team H&G is off to Vegas this weekend, where we're going to bunker down and record some shows. And you thought we were done with this foolishness, didn't you?


UPDATED: Check out the song "Worst President Ever" by the L.A. punk band Finland Station. I can't think of a better pairing of American presidential history and catchy guitar riffs.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Great Friday Read

I rarely have the patience for long-form newspaper pieces these days, and I rarely read medical stories, but this Column One in today's L.A. Times is tremendous. If you ever think you're facing insurmountable obstacles, just think about John Kanzius of Erie, Pa., whose ingenuity, technical know-how, and energy lead me to call him the Micah Muzio of Cancer Research.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Depravities, and More Depravities

The Star Child has surfaced! Jeffrey Starmichael, proprietor of Great Haven novelty shop Num-Num's and recovering model-airplane fuel addict, has been spirited to a land far, far away. But he's able to tell us the whole sordid tale here.


Last night, Karis and I hit up Lucha VaVoom!, the venerable L.A. cavalcade of comedy, lucha libre, and burlesque. Perfect for a Halloween night!