Sunday, October 28, 2007

That's the Stuff

Here's how to spend a Sunday*: Have breakfast with Ryan Ahrens (up from San Diego to enjoy the cleaner L.A. air) at the Beachwood Cafe, do next to nothing for the intervening five hours, enjoy a couple helpings of serious organic eggplant Parmesan prepared by Michael Hudson, sip coffee and munch on pastries from Figaro, walk home, go to bed.

If you're not jealous, you gotta be told what time it is.

*I would highly recommend having Karis Eklund, Rocket Fever Resident Archaeologist, along for the ride.


Craig said...

Oh, and just to make you more jealous: Becky and Maggie Hudson were present at dinner too.

His wife Becky said...

Mike is an AMAZING cook! Also, a stellar husband and father. Well done!

eviedee said...


micah said...

Hmm, sounds delicious. I guess I'll have to be happy with just reading about it on RF.