Sunday, October 07, 2007

LIVE! Sheri & Schmidt Smell the Finish

CHICAGO -- The heat appears to be taking a toll on our RF sponsored club team of Sheri and Craig as the pace is tapering a bit toward the end. Considering the reports from the race (the hottest Chicago Marathon ever, it is being said) they will be champions simply for completing the course without medical attention.

As of an hour ago, it was 88 degrees at the finish. That's stupid hot. Plus, high humidty...the kind of day as a runner where you poke your head out and say, "Maybe after the sun goes down." (In a bit of irony, it's actually kind of chilly here in LA as the Beckster went out for a run in Griffith Park this AM.)

Neveronceagaininsomuchas, our runners press on, with Schmidt just past the 40K (24.8 miles) and Sheri at the 35K (21.7 miles).

Maggie is thrilling with the drama.

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