Sunday, October 07, 2007

LIVE! Sheri (& Craig Schmidt?) Pass the Halfer

CHICAGO -- Sheri has kept up the pace, tipping the clock at the 13.1 mile mark with a 2:05:44, keeping the same 9:35 pace according to the automated update thingy. Still estimated to finish at 4:11.

Schmidt passed the half at 1:40 at the 25K mark at 1:59, but since we didn't know he was running, I can't get the automated update to guess a finishing time. Double his half would be 3:20.

Also discovered by the RF team...Schmidt is a current Chicagoan. Sheri is a former Chicagoan and graduate of the Northwestern University just north of town. How about that.

Also, Schmidt is a Spartan, which means Sheri's team just beat his in OT yesterday.

UPDATE: We have weather for Chicago...79 or 80 with 65 percent humidity. Running experts contacted by RF were quoted as saying, "Ugh."

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