Sunday, October 07, 2007

LIVE! It's Unofficial!!!

editor's note: To properly enjoy the drama of this morning, scroll down to the first LIVE post and then kinda just read up. Good times.

CHICAGO -- We've got a final...Sheri Hall comes in at 4:16:08 and a 9:46 pace, courtesy of the BlackBerry update which started working again for no apparent reason. Web site still down, so we can't put Sheri's time in context of the field, but it should be admirable considering the conditions.

What is remarkable about Sheri's time (her first marathon, mind you) is a dogged ability to stick to her pace, holding between 9:35 and 9:46 through 26 miles. Great discipline and hats off.

Great work, Sheri and Craig! It's Miller Time!

UPDATE: Here's Sheri's finish against the field:

Overall: 7125 Gender: 2433 Division: 404

ALSO: This is truly incredible...look at this announcement from the Chicago Marathon site...though, not sure how long the course was going to be open much past the 8 hour group anyway. But holy cats it must be hot...

Attention Particpants and Spectators:

Due to the rising heat index and higher than expected temperatures, LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski and Medical Director Dr. George Chiampas, in cooperation with city officials, have implemented a contingency plan, as a precautionary measure, to effectively close the Marathon course at the halfway point. Runners who have not reached the halfway point by approximately 12:00 p.m. will be diverted back to Grant Park via Halsted and Jackson. Jackson will be closed to automobile traffic and the participants will be provided with additional support along this route. Participants who crossed the halfway point prior to the shut-down will continue to be fully supported along the standard course to the finish line. Participants are asked to take advantage of medical personnel, cooling buses, runner drop out buses, water, Gatorade and other means of support en route back to Grant Park.

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