Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Just May Escape L.A. Alive

Hoo, baby! In about 24 hours, I'ma be on a jet plane to Detroit. And I think, I just think, I've got everything in place to make that happen. It's been nasty busy at the corner of Hillhurst and Finley the last few days. There were deadlines aplenty, extra work at the Weekly for our Best of L.A. issue, putting finishing touches on the wedding speech ... oy! Special thanks to all those who helped me through that mess. You know who you are.


Speaking of the Best of L.A. issue, I tricked the editors into letting me write a few pieces. The fools. The rest of the edition has some great stuff (including: one, two, three, four, five), and I had offerings on:


And that's about all I got. Maggie June Hudson is looking beautiful these days; maybe Mike will supply you with a photo while I'm gone. ... L.A. being what it is, I didn't realize it was fall until about five days ago. ... Can't wait for next year, Tigers. And, Dodgers, I'm starting to get just how mystifying you truly are. ... MSU football has been pretty fun so far, huh? ... Charlie Don't Shake has a neat little demo on its MySpace page. ... Roll on Red has some new stuff up on his page. ... I bought a blender a few weeks ago and use it all the time (but we call them "blendeds," not "smoothies"). ... Rocket Fever World Series Pick: Cleveland over Colorado, 4-1, in the least-watched Fall Classic ever.


Becky Hud said...

Good writin', Gainesy!

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