Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hoorah for Gaines

I have absolutely nothing interesting to post for you fine readers today...frankly I'm stinkin' busy, what's it to ya?

But, the RF World needs to stay tip-top and keep it real.

So I thought...wouldn't this be a nice time for you folks to just recognize Craigers for starting this stupid blog and sticking with it? I've enjoyed the hell out of reading it each day...and then about every third day...and now about once a week.

Seriously though, eh? Hats off to Gainser. He's one heck of a happenin' LA dude. This soy latte's for you, pal.


Anonymous said...

And there was much rejoicing ... yay.
Butt, you've been more prolific of late than one C. Ben Gaines. Then again, I know firsthand what it's like to abandon a blog ...


Becky Hud said...

Gaines is great! Great, great, great, great, great!

solari said...

I had beers with Gaines tonight. Y'all are jealous!