Thursday, October 18, 2007 Goes Wild!

I’ve heard that Stephen Colbert recently announced on his show that he’s running for president. I’d have to believe that our own Micah Muzio had something to do with that. As you may remember, Micah launched and an accompanying petition to encourage Colbert to run for the big enchilada. I tell you what: When Micah Muzio puts his mind to something, there isn’t a thing on this planet that will stop him.

And, now, in a neat little Möbius strip of media, entertainment, and media, the petition is blowing up. Its signature total zoomed up after Colbert’s announcement, and the current total is about 3,500. Further, is the No. 1 hit for the Google search “Colbert for president.”

So, in summation, let’s show Fred Thompson what a real insurgent candidate looks like!


Another item for the Rocket Fever Digital Media Shoutouts Department: S’newser and S.F. Valley diva Alethia Calagias points us toward, started by her friend Bill Macfadyen. I haven’t spent too much time on the site, but it appears to be a news source for Santa Barbara that’s an actual news source and not a disgrace to journalism. Neat.

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Micah (aka Libertastic) said...

It was a long arduous process getting to this point but Rocket Fever has supported the Colbertocrat movement since the beginning. Thanks for being the wind beneath my proverbial wings.