Monday, September 24, 2007

Yeah, I'm Still Here

So it's been a pitifully long time since I've posted. Let's just say Rocket Fever is in the middle of a seasonal transition. I have been so freaking busy for the past month. Not that I'm complaining. It's just too bad the old RF has to suffer because of it. So until I have it in me to write a proper post, let me pass along these notes:

  • A hearty huzzah to Michael "Spotty" Karpus on his marriage to Dana. I was lucky enough to have lunch with the old boy in Miami. I can't think of anyone who better deserves the designation "stand-up guy" than Spotty does.
  • I had a great, typically awesome time in Miami. The Gaines family is a small one these days, but the room always seems at capacity when we're all together. The trip featured a fitting tribute to our patriarch, Harold Gaines. We shared some stories about the man that I should commit to this here blog. There was also much eating, watching of football, and Sapo playing.
  • I'm stupid excited to go home next week. Not only will it be a chance to laze around during early autumn in Michigan (which represents one of the most perfect time-place pairings you'll find on Earth), but I'll also have the honor of officiating the wedding of Beth Maier and Barry Cook. Guys, I swear I'll have my speech to you soon.
  • My body is not in tiptop condition. After working all summer to achieve the basic likeness of Adonis, I'm back to having no muscle definition and a doughy belly. I note this with sadness.
  • Michigan State beat Notre Dame. Even though it's not that extraordinary to beat ND anymore, it still gives me whole galaxies of happiness.
  • Finally, let us all pause and mark the passing of Oscar Gaines, a good cat who lived a good life. Pop was good enough to welcome Oscar and his brother Hitchcock into our home many years ago. Hitchcock, who also goes by the names Hitchie and Mr. Fluffy, normally attracted the lion's share of popular fascination due to his wild mane and years-long battle with diabetes. But Oscar was happy to go about the business of being a cat in a more straightforward manner. He wanted nothing more than to constantly follow Dad around the house, decimate the furniture with his claws, and enjoy all the small joys and privileges attendant with being a feline. I'll never forget the day Oscar and Hitchcock came home with us. They were both little gray fuzz balls who held no compunction with doing very cute kitten things. After exploring the house for a bit, they walked over to where I was sitting on the floor. One of them climbed up on my head, the other on my shoulder, and promptly fell asleep.


Pat said...

LITTLE SWITZERLAND, N.C. — Beautiful 28-year-old Susie Johnson of nearby Asheville knew instinctively that her life had lost some of its purpose recently, though she could not articulate why.

In this she was not alone. Thousands of women worldwide reported feeling something break inside of them during the late morning of Sept. 15.

Top cardiac specialists from around the globe arrived here last week, having identified this tranquil Smoky Mountain enclave as the epicenter of the phenomenon. Armed with the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment, the researchers were nonetheless unable to pinpoint a known or conventional cause for the ailment -- described by sufferers as feeling "somewhat heartbroken, as if the belief that Mr. Right is out there somewhere just up and disappeared."

A break in the case came only when one of the scientists, Dr. Ruben Amore of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, spotted Michael "Spotty" Karpus wearing a wedding band as he waited in line at the Little Switzerland Beer Shoppe.

"Are you married, now?" Amore asked.

"Yeah, got married Saturday," Karpus responded.

"Oh, well that explains it," Amore said.

Questions, however, remain.

What can be done for those afflicted with the ailment Amore has labeled "Spotty Heart"? How did it spread so quickly? And, perhaps most interestingly, why were thousands of women who didn't even know Karpus struck by the heartbreak?

"Clearly, we don't know everything yet about Spotty Heart," Amore said. "But it's apparent this Spotty fellow is one serious hunk of man."

Karpus, who returned to Miami with his bride Dana Trotsky after the wedding, has expressed sympathy and curiosity over the events of the past week.

"I guess I just have a way about me," he said. "But I'm sorry, ladies, I'm taken."

Drake said...

dude, barry cook from trufant, michigan?