Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pat Muir: Love the Camera ... Hates the Camera ... Loves ... Hates

Most of you know Pat Muir, Rocket Fever's version of Thompson mixed with a smidge of Bukowski. Well, prepare to see him as you've never seen him before. Maybe Mr. Muir can be so kind as to give us the back story.

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Pat said...

That was a disco-themed Halloween murder mystery party two years ago. I was part of the show. I played Captain Tenille, a chauffeur for a movie star. And I was, as it turned out, the killer. The party's host gave me the Best Actor award which was some sort of serving tray that I still have in my trunk. Most of my "acting" consisted of me saying: "Ehhhhhh!" or "Ah-Hooooooo!" and doing little disco moves.

-- PDM

Solari said...

It looks like Pat's saying, "Whoa, toots, slow down. Did you just say you put ketchup? On your hot dogs?"

somebodytogobackintimewith said...

The girl with the pink hair sooo wants you, Pat.