Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Detroit and Cleveland Think They Have It Bad?

In the Rust Belt when a home is abandoned, often no one complains because the other homes around it are already abandoned. But here in L.A., where foreclosures are starting to become as fashionable as iPhones, actual humans live next to newly emptied houses. So what's the big deal? There's no one to pay the pool boy!


Micah said...

Sweet. All us Angelinos who could never afford a house can finally start squatting like respectable folks.

Craig said...

I got the following e-mail yesterday:

Seems you are losing your Midwest roots. I checked your blog today and just had to let you know that you were a little off the mark. Generally, there are people living all around these abandoned houses in the inner city, at least in Detroit. However, they are often too poor and disenfranchised to complain and actually get a response from the city. Plus, there are some many abandoned houses in Detroit that the city could never afford to demolish them. However, some people figured out a way to get action, in a pretty ingenious way. I think this started just before the Super Bowl. Check it out: