Monday, July 30, 2007

Well that Tigers series certainly was a kick in the keester. A group of us saw the Sunday game in Anaheim (thanks to Sivert for getting the tix), including Mike's dad, Keith, and stepmom, Jean. While I wish our out-of-town guests would have seen a more competitive game, at least it gave us an opportunity to spend some time in Anaheim. Wait ...


Overheard at the game by Karis Eklund, the Official Archaeologist of Rocket Fever:

ORANGE COUNTY LITTLE BOY: Mommy, I want some cotton candy!

ORANGE COUNTY MOM: No, honey, but we'll go out to eat after the game, okay? We'll go to Hooters!

OCLB: What are Hooters?

OCM: Um, it's a restaurant.


I knew I had something else in common with NBC's Chris Hansen other than a deep commitment to ensnaring child predators in made-for-TV traps: He's a fellow Spartan! (And, if you believe this blog, he's from Lansing!)

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