Thursday, July 26, 2007

"So, how's things on your end?"

"Busy! But good busy."

That's the line an old boss always used to give when he was working the phone. My co-workers and I loved it and shamelessly reused it.

And that's how things have been at Rocket Fever lately. Busy, but good busy.

Freelance stuff, fun times out on the town, etc. All at the expense of this little blog.

But I'm sure to have time to kill in the near future, so expect robust content right around the corner. In the meantime:

  • Congrats to Evie Muzio on her new job!
  • Happy one-month-day to Maggie June (yesterday)!
  • Good luck to the Detroit Tigers, who are starting a three-game set with the California Angels this weekend, the last game of which a group of us will attend on Sunday.


Becky Amos said...

I expect to see a witty story very soon about an L.A. excursion more than a month ago! I'm not feelin' the love, Gaines, not feelin' it....

Craig said...

I am a bad, bad, bad friend. An awful, snake of a friend.