Saturday, July 14, 2007

Into the Great Wide Open

I don't mind saying that, after living in L.A. and working in Hollywood for a couple years, I love this Tom Petty video even more than I used to. Petty didn't invent the Hollywood-Icarus story, but the song and video capture it with brevity and soul.

I'm starting to realize how living in a place like Los Angeles, a place that storytellers have mythologized, gives works like this Petty video added resonance. It's more than just, "Hey! There's the Tower Records on Sunset!" But I actually have a full sensory feel for what it'd be like to stand on the corner and watch Eddie Rebel walk down Hollywood with his girl.

When you reach that level of awareness with this city, you've changed forever. If you live in L.A. long enough, you can't help but become at least a minor, uncredited character in its story. Can you think of something more thrilling?


Lawrence said...

Totally dig what you're saying, dude. I often felt that way when I lived in L.A.--that I had a greater understanding of the music that was created there--that the impact of the songs and the notes they used made so much sense--and was that much more potent. I could feel the restlessness of roaming through the hills in Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark"; the sun-inspired urban swirl in Jon Brion's "Knock Yourself Out"; the sinister seduction of Hollywood Boulevard in Rickie Lee Jones' "Coolsville"; and the multitude of other songs made and inspired by life in Los Angeles.

Welcome home, buddy!

naz said...

That video is one of my all time favorites. Still makes me really sad though...