Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Great Day for a Ballgame

It's good to know generous people with generous lawyers. I learned that the easy way on Sunday when I sat in the greatest baseball seats of my life at Dodger Stadium (Dodgers 9, Marlins 3). Sivert Glarum, our Man in the Valley and cousin to Mike C. Hudson, got sweet Stadium Club tix for Hud and me. Also along for the caper was another Mike, who works with Sivert on the sitcom Rules of Engagement.

Before I describe the seats, let me just part the curtains a bit onto the Club. You walk down a flight of stairs, past your very own merch shop, to a restaurant offering a baseball eater's fantasy. In addition to the gourmet salads and made-to-order omelets, there are: Dodger dogs, ice cream bars, bags of Cracker Jack, a huge barrel of peanuts, pops and bottled waters, frozen yogurt ... all free (well, included in the price of the ticket) and all-you-can-eat. And we ate all we could (my Dodger dogs were proudly dripping with ketchup).

After properly gorging ourselves, we sauntered out to the raddest seats ever. First-base side, four rows behind the visitor dugout. This is the absolute best way to watch a game. At ground level you have a new appreciation for every aspect of the game. Home runs have to travel a helluva long way to leave the park, and they have to be hit perfectly while the ball is coming in on a snap. Legging out a bunt single (even if you're Juan Pierre) requires maximum physical effort. Fielding a grounder and smoothly delivering it to first base looks easy only because these are the best athletes on Earth.

Of course, you already know this, but you don't know it until you see the game from this angle. Sitting this close to the dugout also affords Sivert perfect positioning for razzing the bad guys. A combination of Mike's BlackBerry and Sivert's cojones made for some top-flight heckling throughout the game.

Not to mention, this is the only level where you'll brush shoulders with Pat Sajak.

Many thanks to Sivert for the tix. Go Dodgers!

Mike likes burgers.

Mike, Sivert, Gaines

You also get a really good view of the jerks who run out onto the field. I could almost feel the ground vibrate when security took 'em down.


Solari said...

That's hot! Becky and Mike took me to Dodger Stadium the December I was out there, and that was perhaps the best surrounding visuals to a stadium that I could imagine, trailing only PNC (for sentimental reasons). I have to get out there in the summer for a West Coast baseball tour...there, Anaheim, San Diego, San to do it! Did you get any pictures looking out into center field into the ravine? Perhaps my favorite scene in all of baseball. And was Alyssa Milano there?

Craig said...

No Alyssa. Just Pat, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

After putting vile ketchup on your Dodger dog, did Sajak turn to you and scream "LOSE A TURN!!?"

Man, I hope so.


Hayley said...

It would have been his right, as an American, to do so.

Deuce said...

I didn't like this post. I didn't like it at all. You two jerks owe your entire Angeleno Mojo to me, yet you just keep reaping dividends without a word of thanks. Where's my parade?! How many boats can you waterski behind?! In conclusion, ketchup is disgusting on pretty much anything, including hot dogs and french fries. The end.

Craig said...

Deuce, you're right.

Mike and I would like to thank you for introducing us to L.A. Also, thanks for drawing water from the Owens Valley, relocating the film industry here, creating the aerospace industry, deeding Griffith Park to the city, and opening Yuca's.

Thank you.

Dr. Hot Crap said...

a pox! a pox on you for your ketchup-drenched dodger dogs!

sandy koufax's left arm will pummel you to the gates of hell when you try to get into heaven.

ketchup. pffffssshhhttt.