Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Fourth of July is personally significant, not least because it marks the anniversary of my move to Los Angeles. Wish me a happy two years, everyone.

My third Independence Day in Los Angeles was as good as the first two. No -- it was better. It started out, as always, in Valley Village with the Glarums, who are the go-to household for the most American and best holidays, the Fourth and Thanksgiving. The Valley portion of the day featured:
  • A front-yard water slide
  • Wonderful tea cake baked by Grandma Baird
  • Cold fried chicken, which should be required eating on the Fourth
  • Nationalistic chest thumping over Joey Chestnut's victory over Takeru Kobayashi at Coney Island
  • Lots of baby talk
  • A few innings of Tigers baseball
  • Confirmation that I am Willie Glarum's favorite non-Glarum humanoid
After that, I motored over to El Sereno for a meetup with the repatriated Karis Eklund and other assorted good folks. Karis is recently returned from her studies in England, and L.A. is better for it. This friendly affair was great fun, and included:
  • A healthy and safe amount of Miller Lite and Budweiser, and one shot of Beam
  • Karis' sister-in-law's dangerous and fortunately unsuccessful attempt to convince me to guess her weight
  • Karis' explication of her time as a high school softball player, which during the telling she called the field the "pitch" (welcome back to America, soccer bum)
  • The best American-flag tart I've ever tasted, as well as a damn fine lemon bar
  • An intimate and expansive view of fireworks across Northeast L.A. from a hilltop, including spirited neighborhood efforts in the valley below and professional jobs at the far-off Rose Bowl and Santa Anita racetrack
  • The realization that Karis knows nothing of Tom Petty's oeuvre
Happy Fourth, sinners. Much love to the United States and all its inhabitants.


Dr. Hot Crap said...

Boooooo the Tigers and their whiny-ass beotch, Gary Sheffield.

Boooooo ESPN for telvising the internation hot dog eating contest. THAT is what is wrong with America.

It was so bad that Kobayashi vomited uncontrollable to get its bad taste out of his mouth.

Mike "Hazelnut" Hudson said...

For every time and place there's a man...and, well, he's the man.

Chestnut jersey on order...overnight delivery option.


around the horn said...

"Hurray Beer!"