Saturday, June 02, 2007

Big Love from B-field; Big News from E.L.

Team H&G will be heading up to Bakersfield today. The city is welcoming us with open arms: KBAK Channel 29 is doing a spot on us for its 5 o'clock news show! I tell ya, it pays to know a Muzio or two.

Check out the site; there's a good chance the station will upload the piece.


Very cool news out of Michigan State: Eli Broad, the billionaire philanthropist who's bestowed untold sums of cash upon various projects in Los Angeles, is donating $26 million for a new art museum at MSU. He's insisting that the building -- to be located on the site where the Paolucci Building now sits (right across from Student Services!) -- be designed by a renowned architect. And the five who are competing for the job all seem to be pretty high-level players.

This is all sorts of good news for my alma mater and home town (well, my home metropolitan region). I hope MSU will be bold in selecting the museum's design. A singular, even controversial, building will garner big-time attention for East Lansing. I can't wait to visit in 2010.

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