Friday, June 01, 2007

Up in Bodega Bay

Memorial Day weekend was an absolute dream. Sonoma County is so beautiful, I almost don't believe it exists. Every time I'm up there, among the rolling hills and under the clear sun, I just want to say, "C'mon. Seriously, this place can't be that gorgeous." Oh, but it is. And, to me, it's a place where nothing can go wrong.

For example, when Ma and Joe and I rolled in to our hotel for the weekend (swank place), we learned our reservations were screwed up. We had a room for that night, but not the rest of the weekend. No biggie: Within a couple hours, my Aunt Mary had found us a beach house on Bodega Bay, which is my new official get-away location. It's where Hitchcock filmed The Birds.

So instead of having fun in a Jazz Fest-crowded Sonoma, we (Mary, Uncle Joel, cousins Raymond and Regina, parents) spent the weekend lounging around a phat house with ample sleeping space, huge TV, big deck, great kitchen, hot tub, beach access, abundant nature, peace, quiet. There was much eating, drinking, sports watching, conversation, a touch of yoga, a beach run (I ran!), walking, blissing out.

Ma and me

The result? All the L.A. bad that I'd accumulated in the past months was flushed out, replaced with a huge infusion of California good. Now I'm back in SoCal, loving life and hitting the boards like an eager rookie. I'm sure Paul Drake knows something about this: Changing your environment every so often can be an incredibly restorative experience.

Infinite thanks to my parents and aunt and uncle for the heavenly weekend. See y'all next Memorial Day!


The Hudson & Gaines marathon is on the schedule.

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micah said...

I really like the look of that "5-TFN" for the marathon's duration. With the right technical problems KERN might become an all H&G station from here on out.