Friday, June 22, 2007

Photo by The State News

It seems an enterprising young Lansing Community College student has created a calendar celebrating the girls of East Lansing. Each photo is taken outside a local business, which sponsors that month. If there's a redhead outside Capital City Comics, I will weep tears of joy. Especially since Capital City Comics isn't there anymore. Maybe a brunette at Flat, Black & Circular?

No matter: I would pretty please like one of these calendars. As an observer and analyst of the Totality of the Lansing Experience, I feel this is an important document for me to examine. Whoever can get his hands on one of these will win a Rocket Fever T-shirt, once I get around to making them.


The White Stripes played a fairly rad little show at the old Tower Records on Sunset this week to promote Icky Thump. Our very own Ryan Ward has a review.


Hillary is making it harder and harder for me to get behind her. Or maybe it's her supporters. But I will be hung if I'm going to vote for a woman whose theme song is by Celine Dion. My parents raised me better.


ROCKET FEVER ROLL CALL: Sister Gaines is back on U.S. soil after her academic travails abroad. Welcome! ... Joe Block will be doing baseball play by play in Great Falls, Montana, this summer. Huzzah! ... Sara Lepro will soon be taking a new job at the Associated Press covering the SEC, thanks in no small part to my reference interview, in which I said, "If Sara gets this job, she's going to kick a lot of tail." ... Ryan Ahrens is either in Costa Rica or has returned from Costa Rica, but either way, there was a time in the recent past when he was in Costa Rica.


And, finally, mazel tov to David Zahniser, the best damn City Hall reporter in Southern California and the most significant Nebraskan in Los Angeles since Brando. The L.A. Times has been wise enough to hire him away from my employer, the L.A. Weekly. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Z, whose stories are always airtight, witty and vital. I'll especially miss the days when he'd come into the proofreading department to read aloud from our book detailing every Billboard No. 2 song from the '70s and '80s. Every once in a while, he'd hum a few bars to prompt my memory of a certain song. Now that's a co-worker.

David, you'll always be No. 1 to us. (I can just see his eyes rolling now.)

Stories here and here.


The City Desk said...

Ah, Montana- with the sky as big as Mr. Block's forehead.

And Capital City Comics is gone? The hell? That's a shame. I used to visit from a very young age of dorkitude through my brief post-college years in E.L. It's partially their fault I have boxes of that four-color junk in my basement today.

Gen-X was much better, though.

Craig said...

Can you believe it's some sort of accounting office now?

At least Eastside Barbershop, where my Pop still gets his ears raised, is there. And Emil's, which introduced me to the world of mediocre Italian food.

The City Desk said...

Ohh Emil's. We have about a dozen Emil's in S. Phila.

Also- Werewolves are taking over our alma mater.

Craig said...

Sweet fancy Moses!

Anonymous said...

Dude, even if you do support Hillary you still won't be hung.