Sunday, June 17, 2007

Los Feliz Pub Crawl 2007

From left: Someone, Sasha, Rena, Erin, Mel, Kat, Frank, Gaines, Andrea, Matt (crouching). Not pictured: Micah from Montana, who bought me a Manhattan and discussed the finer points of fly fishing.

More on this later, when my brain is at a higher functionality. But, quickly, this rocked, and I made some new friends.

And Thai restaurants make the worst vodka tonics on Earth. And every bar on Earth should offer free hot dogs.

PHOTOS by Andrea Bricco, one of three photogs on the crawl. (And technically, many of these are by the friendly folks around Los Feliz who agreed to take on Andrea's rad, hulking polaroid.)

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Becky Amos said...

You look much more sober than you sounded...this must've been towards the beginning.....