Monday, June 11, 2007

Hudson & Gaines Asks: Do You Know Who You Really Are?

Or, more to the point, do you know where you really live? These questions of being and place are tackled head-on in Episode 17 of the comedy podcast that promises to bring you "Big Words & Tough Talk" on a regular freakin' basis. Included in the 27 minutes of parodic mastery:
  • Gaines' shocking revelation about his beloved neighborhood, Ginsberg Court.
  • An arena-worthy new intro for Lynn Jepson's Downtown Great Haven Redevelopment Quick Minute (hey, S'newsers, try to guess whose voice that is -- it ain't me or Mike).
  • What might be our greatest spot ever, for the local libation Shakerbrau.
And, as always, be a dear and tell your friends about Hudson & Gaines. A friend of yours is a friend of ours.

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