Monday, June 04, 2007

The Bakersfield Treatment

Hudson, Gaines, Muzio, and Scott Cox (or, as he's known in Troutown, Larry Forbes)

Team Hudson & Gaines overwhelmed the Bakersfield media class this weekend. Not only did KERN News Talk Radio air a marathon of the podcast, but we were also interviewed (by award-winning meteorologist Miles Muzio!) on KBAK-TV Channel 29 for its Saturday news broadcasts (YouTube clip to follow) and appeared on The Scott Cox Show on KSFO, the news-talk behemoth out of San Francisco.

The Cox interview was a tense one. I'm guessing the air in the room was similar to that of the recent diplomatic talks between the U.S. and Iran. You see, Scott Cox is, in actuality, Larry Forbes, H&G's arch nemesis from Troutown. You can see from the above photo that we were separated by an armament of radio equipment. Otherwise, it might have gotten ugly.

(Kidding aside, we're super-big-time appreciative that Scott let us appear on the show. Getting airtime in a market like San Francisco is invaluable.)

(But seriously, we really can't stand that Larry Forbes. He is a flaming sack of dung, and he's been known to dress in women's lingerie.)

Huge shoutout to Miles and Deborah Muzio, who were good enough to not only give us our TV break, but also buy us dinner at the world-famous Crystal Palace, built by country legend Buck Owens.


I'm not sure Micah, Mike or I can adequately describe what it was like to sit in Micah's parents' car and listen as a real live radio station started to play our show. No one can predict what will happen with H&G, but this experience will stand out for all time. As we were driving around Bakersfield, I kept thinking: Lynn Jepson, Everett Lawrence, Kitty Hines, Judith Rain, Jeffrey Starmichael, and the rest are being broadcast through the air right now! People are listening to us and Steve Davis, Lawrence Everett Forbes, Lauralee Gooch, Kate Cosgrove, and Pat Muir! In their cars! At home!

Once again, thanks to everyone in Bakersfield for their support, and thanks to everyone else for continuing to listen and spread the word. The three of us work hard as hell to make this show work, and the fact that people listen to and enjoy Hudson & Gaines makes it all more than worth while.


Next Time, on Rocket Fever: Uncovering an unsettling truth about one of the world's biggest sports events?


The City Desk said...

I tuned in their online stream while the Pistons pre-game show was on TNT. It was really weird hearing them go from ABC news into the show intro. On a real radio station.

In retrospect, I should have kept listening and skipped watching the game.

eviedee said...

I am so sad that I had to miss out on all the festivities. :(
Did you know that Kitty Hines' grandparents live in Bakersfield? I wonder if they happened to tune in? I assume that anyone over the age of 50 who lives in Bakersfield is an avid KERN listener, classic ageism!

Craig said...

TCD: Thanks for listening!

Eviedee: You were there in spirit, as was Kitty Hines and the rest of the gang. And I'd assume they're avid KERN listeners because it's such a rad station for our elderfolk to listen to!

Dr. Hot Crap said...

dudes, you're totally kings of media now.

will you pull an opie & anthony-type stunt to keep your audience atwitter and your pencil-neck prodcuer with his panties in a bunch?

the possibilities for this show are as limited as lebron's NBA career ...


Micah said...

I don't have a "pencil neck" do I?

Craig said...

In this photo at least, you have no neck at all.