Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Griffith Chutes

Mike and I created a fun new extreme sport just last Saturday morning up in Griffith. We were looking for a quick way to a switchback below us without having to follow the entire trail we were on. So we found one of those steep chutes that run down the hillsides and started to negotiate the steep grade. But a combination of poor shoe traction and loose dirt soon had us sliding down the hill. It got to be like surfing after a while, because we'd accumulate so much loose dirt and gravel beneath us that we'd just ride the wave all the way down.

After riding a couple chutes, our hands were raw from grabbing on to the rough rock and our shoes and shorts were full of dirt. I also lost an American Apparel long-sleeve T-shirt that I had taken off earlier and crammed into my back pocket. It was a damn fun way to start a weekend.

And now, I'd guess, all that is gone. All those areas that we hike every week are burnt up. How long until we get our park back?

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