Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Local Political Rants of ‘Hudson & Gaines’ to Run as Marathon on KERN

LOS ANGELES – (May 30, 2007) – When Micah Muzio, Craig Gaines and Mike Hudson patched together a series of microphones in a Los Feliz apartment last fall to first record their podcast, “Hudson & Gaines,” none of the three would have guessed the show they created to make light of political talk radio would eventually get broadcast by an actual station.

But this Saturday, June 2, for 12 hours, KERN News Talk 1410-AM in Bakersfield, Calif., will broadcast all 16 episodes of the podcast serial, catching the underground sensation and putting it squarely in front of an above-ground audience.

“We knew we had earned some fans in the radio industry given the nature of the show, but never would have guessed this could happen,” said Micah Muzio, a 29-year-old automotive writer and producer of “Hudson & Gaines.” “For an actual radio station to give our show a platform on their airwaves speaks to the power of this age of podcasting not only as a creative outlet, but also as a minor league for original media programming.”

“Hudson & Gaines” is a 30-minute drive-time program in the Anytown-esque city of Great Haven on a local AM station called WBFK. Hudson, played by Mike Hudson (in real life, a 30-year-old marketing professional), is a small-business-owning conservative doing battle with his left-leaning, community college instructor co-host Gaines, played by Craig Gaines.

“Our show is basically a really local “Hannity & Colmes” where we just go at each other like dogs over whatever topics the locals are talking about,” said Craig Gaines, a 28-year-old copy editor. “Hudson and Gaines both pretend to be passionate about a meaningless issue for 30 minutes, completely sell themselves out to close the show and then begin the next one bragging about rising ratings. Just like the big boys.”

For more information on “Hudson & Gaines,” go to or search “Hudson and Gaines” on the iTunes Music Store.

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The City Desk said...

This is awesome. I hope you confuse quite a few people.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Craig!!

-Aaron B.

Craig said...

Thanks, Aaron. It's a team effort.