Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Rocket Fever Wisconsin Report

  • In Kenosha, a woman gets her hand caught in the chocolate vat.
  • In Norway, a fictitious human does fairly well as a write-in candidate in a village council race.
  • And in western Racine County, a dead man wins the race to be town chairman.

Why didn't anyone tell me this place was so nutty?


I'll also have you people know I just burned my grilled-cheese sandwich to get this post out. I hope you're happy.


BackstageJobs said...

You're kidding, right? You didn't know how strange Wisconsin is?

Here is a quick description of signs and sights on the drive north from the Illinois border:

PORN, XXX Videos
Beer & Cheese store
XXX DVD's New Releases
Cheese store
Cheese store
Adult Bookstore
XXX Bookstore and video store
Bong Recreation Area (seriously)
Cheese store
The Braut Stop (worth stopping at, actually)
Adult DVD's and bookstore

eventually you get to Milwaukee...

Keep up the good work!

-Mike's formerly long-haired brother

Steve said...

Mike has a brother?