Monday, April 16, 2007

The Monday Stretch

I'm so proud of my Ryan Ward! He had his rock 'n' roll debut during a night of film and spoken word at the Echo Park Film Center. His girl Naz Arandi also had a couple knockout film shorts. Culture!

Ward did great. Very happy to see him up there, rocking his keester off.

Video with no audio here.
Audio with no video here.


The word of the day is mechatronics.


Saw Grindhouse at a drive-in theater in City of Industry this weekend with some L.A. Weekly folks and other fine characters (thanks to Rena for driving!). Let me just say this was the most fun I've had in L.A. in quite a while. Highly recommended. Coming up, per Matt Fleischer's suggestion: A day at the tracks in Santa Anita, followed by a drive-in show in Industry.


Later this week: I take aim at the awful new Bank of America branch in the neighborhood.


AND FINALLY: When your team is winning, hot Hollywood starlets pimp your gear. Who's the boss?


Rena said...

Thanks to Rena for driving? What about, Thanks to Rena for the idea, thanks to Rena for dragging my butt out, thanks to Rena for organizing the trip, hmmmm?

Craig said...

Thanks to Rena for not seeking way too much credit.