Monday, April 09, 2007

The Monday Stretch

Many thanks to R.J. White, who was good enough to publish my piece about a hubristic auto salesman on his must-read fiction blog The City Desk. I got the idea after reading about a scheme to transfer thousands of feet worth of "air rights" above the L.A. Convention Center to other downtown buildings to allow for more vertical construction.

I love the concept of a bureaucracy taking empty air and transferring its development potential to another place. It's a beautiful melding of mundane city politics and mastery over our intangible/tangible physical space.

(If you haven't spent any time at The City Desk, please do so. R.J. was on top of this whole fictional-city-as-protagonist deal months before we dreamed up Great Haven.)


Huzzahs are in order for the Michigan State icers, champions of the world!


Hud and I took a great hike in the Arroyo Seco watershed on Saturday. Take a look.


Saw The Lookout last night. It was aiight. Good suspense, but the ending was a bit too tidy for my taste. I have to say, though, Jeff Daniels might end up being one of my favorite actors. Yeah, there's some Michigander bias working here, but I can't think of one thing he's ever done that I've found objectionable. Often, he ends up quietly being the best thing about any movie he's in. Like a good Michigan boy should.


The City Desk said...

No, thank you for writing the thing and sending it in. It's a heck of a good piece.

Craig said...

Thanks, man!