Monday, April 16, 2007

Good Lord

The body count in Blacksburg is now 31. This is awful, stunning news. Southwest Virginia is such a peaceful, beautiful part of this country.

My former employer, The Roanoke Times, is doing a great job following the story.


Steve said...

There are a few people in this circle who can add some insight to, at the very least, the setting of this terrible act. I spent my college years at very small schools... I can't imagine an event like this.

Solari said...

I always fancied Va. Tech and Blacksburg to be like a little smaller East Lansing...both being predominantly ag-based schools and the student bodies being very similar economically and educationally. This is so sad - Blackburg is such a relaxed place, I hate to hear about this.

Craig said...

Good description, Solari. It's like a slightly smaller East Lansing with mountains.