Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oh, hell.

It's awful to say: Bradbury can't be far behind.

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Dr. Hot Crap said...

The New York Times is as eloquent as it is erudite when it comes to obituaries, and this one, while no doubt too soon in its printing, is one of the better (and lovingly put together) I've read.

I saw Vonnegut speak at the University of Rochester when I was there, and he was classic: the perfect mix of Mark Twain and Carl Sagan. Hilariously dry, but learned in a profund way that only one percent of one percent of people can grasp.

Ours is a terrible world without him; like the grand canyon after years of abuse by us (great ending to the obit, by the way). Perfectly dry, but layered like a school child on a Maine's winter day.